About us

People love to add a little personality to their belongings and stickers are a simple and effective way to do that.  Cars, bikes, caravans, drink bottles... you name it, look around and count how many stickers you see in the general public! We love our town and know others do too, which is why our location stickers for cars are so popular. Postcode Stickers are made from high quality vinyl designed for outdoor use. We manufacture all our stickers in Australia, and are an Australian owned and operated family company.

What are Postcode Stickers?

We customise each sticker to your postcode and town, so you get a unique and custom made sticker. Simply enter your postcode and town name, choose your colours, then get your stickers delivered to your door.

They are stickers to show where you are from…we grew up in a small town and used to be able to wave to everyone that we knew. Now due to population growth you hardly wave any more… however when you see another Postcode Sticker from your town it gives you a good feeling to know you are around locals.

Postcode Stickers can be stuck on cars, motorbikes, caravans,  trucks, bikes, school books, fridges, surfboards, skateboards, skis, snowboards, bunk beds or whatever you like. We love stickers!


All you have to do is follow the 3 steps in the POSTCODE STICKER GENERATOR and then pay via Paypal or Credit Card.


Postcode Stickers are also sold at many Australia Post stores around Australia.

Have fun with your Postcode Sticker and share your story or images via our social media pages.