Why we love Postcode Stickers

There are many reasons to love postcode stickers, and stickers in general. Here are just a few reasons we personally think our postcode stickers are pretty cool! Nostalgia There's just somethi

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Media mention: Smart Company

Did you know that our Aussie Postcode Stickers are stocked at Australia Post outlets? Carlo spoke to Smart Company about how it all came about. “I went and pitched at them [to stock my stick

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Express Yourself Through Stickers

Picture this: you're driving home after a bad day, inching along slowly in the traffic. Then you just happen to glance over and see a sticker plastered on the window of another car. The sticker says

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Media mention: News.com.au

Carlo spoke with news.com.au about our range of Postcode Stickers and why we think they're so special. Our colourful bumper stickers let drivers proudly show off their postcode to everyone they p

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Media mention: Kidspot

Carlo spoke to kidspot.com.au about our postcode stickers and what they mean to us. He said, "They're just a friendly thing. There's so little about communities these days, and I like that friend

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