Media mention: Kidspot

December 12, 2017

Carlo spoke to about our postcode stickers and what they mean to us.

He said, "They're just a friendly thing. There's so little about communities these days, and I like that friendly small town atmosphere."

While our original intention was for the stickers to help spread the community spirit and love for your favourite places, we certainly had to have a bit of a giggle about the topic of made-up postcodes and town names. But hey, if you want a sticker that says "1234 Suburby McSuburbface", go for it! Our stickers are all about making people smile and that would certainly do the trick!

(On that topic, we can also do totally custom stickers over at our sister company, E3, so hit us up for all your Something McSomethingface sticker needs!)

Our postcode sticker generator is super simple to use. Just enter your four-number postcode and the name of your suburb, then drag the suburb text wherever you like on your sticker.

"The new bumper sticker craze you're about to see everywhere"

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