Express Yourself Through Stickers

June 15, 2021

Picture this: you're driving home after a bad day, inching along slowly in the traffic. Then you just happen to glance over and see a sticker plastered on the window of another car. The sticker says “KEEP ON SMILING!” and you can't help but smile too.

There are so many instances in life where you feel downtrodden, but such small things can trigger that little moment of happiness. A cool ocean breeze on a humid summer night, fresh bedsheets (especially after an evening shower), the smell of home-baked bread... and Feels Good stickers!

But our feels good stickers aren’t only designed to lift spirits but can also be tools for self-expression.

The Importance of Self-Expression

Self-expression is presenting your individuality through words, actions, fashion, arts, etc. It's the way you show your true spirit. Being able to express yourself is essential for inner peace, genuine happiness, and a sense of fulfilment. However, many people are unsure how to express themselves or feel ill-equipped to make creative or inspirational self-expression. This can increase stress and anxiety, as pointed out by some scientific studies.

Stickers may not be the first form of self-expression that crosses your mind. But these simple objects can also effectively reflect your emotions and uniqueness. Self-expression is also rudimentary for establishing brand awareness. For a brand to be recognisable, it must clearly and consistently convey its values, goals, dreams, and message. That's why stickers are great - they can be conveniently placed in areas you see often, and that others can see as well, as a bright little reminder or nod to your brand!

Here are some ways our unique stickers can be used to express yourself:

Brighten up your spaces

Decorate your car, boat, skateboard, laptop and books with Feels Good stickers. These vinyl stickers can sustain outdoor use and latch onto smooth surfaces, such as glass windows. Feels Good stickers have positive messages that can help you handle daily stress. These stickers are also a great gift to give as souvenirs from Australia.

All of us need a little cheer from time to time. So don’t hesitate to share positive vibes when you can!

If you can’t find stickers that perfectly reflect your personality and style, consider ordering custom stickers.

Seal your packages with a sticker

Whether you sell products or regularly sends parcels to friends and family, seal them with a unique sticker. A thoughtfully designed sticker can give the receiver a more personal experience. Businesses and private individuals can give the receiver a sense of exclusivity, creating a more meaningful connection.

“You may customise stickers depending on what you want to emphasise. For example, some people use custom stickers with their initials or a vector image of them. In addition, businesses can print their logo, call-to-action, or short messages like This gift is made of 100% recycled materials.”, says Alice Nevin, public relations officer at Rapidbiz.

Aside from the standard stickers you put on your packages, consider adding Feel Good Stickers. The recipients will be delighted at the sight of these stickers, and it's just a lovely little reminder that their items were packed by people who care.

Remember that many customers are more likely to follow a brand with whom they feel a connection. So they don’t just focus on proper packaging and on-time delivery; make sure to deliver a different experience to customers when you can. So, for example, if you’re shipping products from Australia, why not include Australia Stickers?

By adding stickers to your packages and other corporate items, you’re integrating a human element into your business.

Give Them Away

Isn’t it nice to know that your little act of kindness can brighten another person’s day? A simple reminder to smile can boost morale and help someone get through the current challenges they're is facing, not just when you give the gift but many times after. They could pop it on a drink bottle or decorate their desk and get a little jolt of happiness every time they see it, because it's a small but important reminder that someone cares.

Stash some Feels Good inspirational stickers in your backpack, car, or office drawer and give them away to those you think need a bit of cheering up. Or if you meet someone visiting our beautiful country, give them a unique Aussie gift with our Australian stickers and Australian souvenirs! (I mean, how can you NOT smile at these adorable kangaroo chopsticks?!?!)

For businesses, consider giving away thoughtful packages to employees and loyal customers. You can put together a box that includes koala slippers and travel stickers. Some of the standard package contents are:

  • Home office essentials
  • Pamper pack (scented candle, bubble bath soap, moisturiser, and a bottle of wine)
  • Eco-friendly items
  • Fitness pack (yoga mat, dri-fit, socks, and water bottle)
  • Snacks ( nuts and dried fruit, nougat biscuits, cheese sticks)

Stickers can stay in the hands of the consumers for a long time, which can convert to hundreds of thousands of valuable impressions.

It can be hard to determine what type of stickers suit your needs. The cost will depend on the size, the number of colours, and the material. Discuss your requirements with a professional sticker company to determine the best printing options for you.

E3 is comprised of a group of travellers who love adventures, whether for pleasure or business. They provide high-quality products, like stickers, to remind people of a destination, an event, culture, or community. Check out our Australian Made-approved products here.