Why we love Postcode Stickers

July 22, 2021

There are many reasons to love postcode stickers, and stickers in general. Here are just a few reasons we personally think our postcode stickers are pretty cool!


There's just something so fun and nostalgic about stickers. Do you remember being a little kid and getting so excited to get a sticker, or, on those rare but wonderous occassions, an entire book of stickers?

The joy of looking through them, that thrilling moment of peeling off the backing, and the fun of finding the perfect sticker for the perfect location (or, you know, all the places your parents maybe didn't want to you stick them.) And it didn't end there, you usually had a few favourites that made you smile every time you saw them - which was often, because they were on things you used regularly.

Personal stamp

While we know not all adults love stickers, many of us still do, and it's evident by the number of times you see them plastered across the place. Bumper stickers, drink bottle stickers, laptop stickers, skate and surfboard stickers... the list goes on. For many, they're a fun and inexpensive way of putting your own personal style on things.

Community spirit

With our postcode stickers, our aim is to replicate that happy feeling and bring about some of that small-town community spirit. We have so many amazing locations in Australia and a multitude of reasons to love where we live, and we want to help you spread that love and community pride.

Whether it's spotting a Torquay 3228 sticker when hitting the waves at Bells and feeling that buzz of local pride, or maybe a glimpse of a Bondi 2026 postcode sticker while you're on a roadtrip across the country to Perth, they're little moments that make you smile and feel connected to your community.


They can even be talking points and ways to spark new conversations. Imagine seeing your local Surfers Paradise postcode sticker on a drink bottle someone is carrying while you're visiting the Louvre in France - while it might just make you smile and think of home, it's also very likely you'd feel comfortable opening up a conversation with your new globe-trotting friend.

Fond memories

There's nothing saying you can only get a postcode sticker of your hometown. Why not get a couple to remind you of your favourite places or fond holiday memories? Maybe you're on a road trip around Australia and want to mark each milestone with a sticker on a map, or a wheel cover, or a surfboard.

A bit of fun

In fact, there's nothing saying you have to choose a real place at all! Just like the mentioned in our article in Kidspot, "This is of course the perfect opportunity to make up a suburb name. Awesometown 9033 anyone? Or maybe Suburby McSuburbface?"

Whatever your reasons for wanting a postcode sticker, we hope they make you smile!